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Welcome to the Official Tropicraft Wiki

Who made this extensive Mod?

After going on a vacation to the tropics, Cojomax99 decided that Minecraft was lacking a tropical mod. After coding a butt load of features, Cojo enlisted the help of MrRube for sprites, textures, and designs. As time passed and the scale of the project expanded, FishTaco567, the maker of Better Caves and FPS++, and Corosus, the mastermind behind Destructive Tornadoes and ZombieCraft, joined the Tropicraft team.

How do I download and install Tropicraft version 2.5.1?

When will Tropicraft version 3.0 be released?

There is no set date for its release, but the developers give guesses every so often:

If we take Cojomax99's "two weeks" statement on Feb 16, that would give us a March 1st release date, which would be a few days from now.

Where are all the articles?

Here is the list of every Tropicraft Wiki article.

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