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This is meant to be a guide to getting into the realm.

Note: For those who are trying to get into the realm ahead of everything else try the seed 783096132 it spawns you in a place with all of the materials needed to get into the realm on the first sunset.

  • Getting into the realm requires some resources, find and locate these before continuing:
Bamboo (need at least 13)
Find a palm tree, hit the coconut with a sword
Find a pineapple DO NOT hit it with sword
At least three wool is needed to get into the realm
While five colors are available often yellow dye is the easiest to get
The wool can't be white for beach chairs
Now craft a beach chair
Next up is a pina colada, first you'll need a mug
Now to craft the Pina Colada, the recipe is formless, so it can be made in a 2x2 grid aswell
Right-click to place the chair and right-click again to sit down
Drink the pina colada (right-click) around sunset to enter the realm
Welcome to the realm. Beware though, staying in the portal too long will take you back to the main dimension, and it will be night right away
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