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A special thank you to Benie for the time and effort he put into the wiki and FAQ page. Your contributions have not been forgotten.

[Originally written by Benie. Updated by Dino462.]



Where can I download the mod?

A: For the current version of the mod click Here.

For older versions of the mod click here
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How can I turn the weather/ tornados off?

While you need the Weather Mod to run Tropicraft, you can turn off some of the features if your system can't handle it.

Look under the "Weather Mod" folder in your Config directory. Open the file Storm_Tornado.cfg; and change these lines as follows to effectively turn off Tornados:

  • I:Storm_Tornado_maxActive=0
  • D:Storm_Tornado_oddsOfTornadoTo1=0
  • I:TropicraftRealm_Storm_Tornado_maxActive=0

Then in the file WavesMisc.cfg, change the following lines to disable the wave action:

  • B:proxyRenderOverrideEnabled=false

"Wind.cfg" controls all the wind-spawned sounds and particle action:

  • B:TropicraftRealm_Wind_active=false
  • B:Wind_Particle_air=false
  • B:Wind_Particle_fire=false
  • D:Wind_Particle_leaf_rate=1.0
  • B:Wind_Particle_leafs=false
  • B:Wind_Particle_sand=false
  • B:Wind_Particle_snow=false
  • B:Wind_Particle_waterfall=false
  • B:Wind_active=false
  • I:Wind_rarityOfIncrease=0
  • D:volWindScale=0.0

Note: The current config changes apply to Tropicraft v5x, so if using a different version your config settings may be slightly different.

    I would also suggest making a copy of the config files before you change them just incase something unintentional happens and you need to switch back to your old config settings. 
    These config changes we suggested by a Minecraftforum user and moved here for everyone else to see.

Why Do I have Tropicraft biomes in my Nether

A: The most likely cause of this is that there are conflicting biome IDs from other mods, for instance if Biomes O' Plenty is installed. It is easily fixed by going to the Tropicraft config file and changing the biome ID's (I find increasing all the biome id's by 30 works pretty well, as it avoids using ones taken up by BoP or the Twilight Forest)

Can I put this mod in my modpack?

A: Use of Tropicraft in a mod pack will be determined by Cojo who can be reached either on the Tropicraft IRC channel [here], or by messaging him on the MinecraftForum [here] You will have to link back to tropicraft.net somewhere and give us credit where credit is due if he gives you permission.

How do I get into/ out of the tropics?

Getting In

A: (Warning, if you're using an existing map, you will need to move away to load new chunks. Then you should start to see some of the new features that are included in Tropicraft. This rule goes for all world-altering mods like RedPower 2 and Thaumcraft.)

  • Go to a Desert and find a Palm Tree. Use a sword (doesn't matter what kind) on a Coconut to get a Coconut Chunk. You'll only need one.
  • Search for a Pineapple Stalk (2 blocks tall). They can usually be found in a Plains biome. You'll only need one.
  • Find some Bamboo, also usually in a Plains biome and are hard to miss. You'll need quite a lot.
  • Once you have all of the materials, craft a Crafting Table.
  • Craft an Empty Mug.
  • Craft a Piña colada.
  • Craft a Beach Chair and place it down. See the below question for the crafting recipe.
  • Sit down in it and wait 'til sunset, then drink your Piña colada and you will drift into the tropics. Aloha!

Getting Out

  • To get out you simply have to drink a Pina Colada and sink to the bottom of the tropics portal. Look at the in-game section for alternative ways out
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General Questions

How do I install the mod?

  • 1. Install [Minecraft Forge] either manually or using the installer(suggested method).

You can do it one of two ways after that;

====Method A====(easy and fast)

  • 2.Launch Minecraft and log in. Minecraft Forge will setup your .minecraft folder for the next steps. Once you are at the menu screen, close Minecraft and go to step 3.
  • 3. Copy the contents of the zipfile into /.minecraft/mods folder

====Method B====(Allows for use of different modded versions, a little more work but worth it)

  • 2. Make a copy of the forge version folder (/.minecraft/versions/forge-x.x.x/)and rename it to what ever you want the version to be called (i.e. "Tropicraft", "1.6.4-T", "pancakes").
  • 3. Then open the folder and give the .jar and .json files the same name as the folder you just made. Open the .json file with a text editor, scroll to the bottom and look for "id: forge-x.x.x" and change the id so that it matches the name of the folder, .jar, and .json file.
  • 4. Then back in the main minecraft folder (/.minecraft/) make a folder and give it the same name as the version folder you created in step 2. You should now have a folder in the main minecraft directory (/.minecraft/whatever_you_named_it/), which we will use in the next step.
  • 5. Launch Minecraft and log in. Click new profile and name it whatever you want, set the game directory to the folder you just made (/.minecraft/whatever_you_named_it/) and select the version that you just made for the .jar file.
  • 6. You can now save this profile and run minecraft. Forge will set up your environment and once it has brought you to the Minecraft menu screen you can close the launcher.
  • 7. Extract the Tropicraft.zip file and copy the contents of the zipfile into /.minecraft/whatever_you_named_it/mods/ folder.

Last step is to play and enjoy!

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Who made this mod possible?

A: All of these talented guys.
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How long did it take to make this mod?

A: The development of Tropicraft started in July of 2011.
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When will "version" be released?

A: When it's done. The developers don't give ETAs due to their busy lifestyles. And sometimes don't even mention they're working on a new version (for the suspense).
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Is Tropicraft compatible with "mod name here"?

A: See this page for a list.
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What if I want to play in the Tropicraft realm with friends?

A: Then you will be very happy to hear that Tropicraft includes SMP support as of version 4.0. The download can be found here: http://www.tropicraft.net/downloads
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Where can I make suggestions/send bug reports?

A: Bugs can be submitted to the Tropicraft IRC . Please remember that a crash/freeze is not a "bug".
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In-game Questions

How do I craft "item"?

Click here. Warning, it's a bit outdated.
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Do I have to be in a specific biome to enter the Tropics?

A: No. Any biome will work. Just be sure to do it out in the open. If you're going to put the chair around or in your house/base, don't, as it will ruin it when you get back to the Overworld.
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How do I kill the moving Easter Island Heads?

A: Think. They're made out of stone. What tool is used to remove stone? If you guessed a Pickaxe, you are not wrong.

Do swords take damage when trying to get Coconut Chunks?

A: Yes. It counts as a use.
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What colored wool is allowed for beach chairs/umbrellas?

A: Blue, Red, Yellow, Purple, and Green are all useable.
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Are there vanilla ores in the tropical realm?

A: Some. You can find Coal, Iron, and Lapis Lazuli in the Tropics.
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Is there Diamond?

A: Yes, but not in ore-form. Search for buried treasure chests. You can find them by looking for Purified Sand from normal-colored sand (depending on what Texture Pack you're using). Once you do, start digging in the area of it. They are usually 2-3 blocks deep.
Note: Not every chest has Diamonds in them.

  • Also, there are big statues scattered around the landscape. These can sometimes have diamond blocks in their eyes. However, be cautious as the results of you taking their gems could potentially be fatal to your well-being.

Is there Redstone?

A: No. You will have to go deep underground and mine some in the overworld.
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How does the Sifter work?

A: The sifter is something that you place; it is a block. Gather some sand (regular sand) and place it inside the sifter by right-clicking on the block while holding sand in your hand. It will attempt to sift a random item out of the sand which will destroy the sand block. The output items can be things like wall-hangable seashells and other interesting objects.
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How does the Fishing Net work?

A: First you need a bucket of water (vanilla and tropical water will both work). Right click a fish with the net and it will be put into the bucket. Man o' Wars and Marlin are too big to go into a bucket. However, I'm sure you could get them into your fishtank by using a clever water flow system.
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Where are the Koa villages?

A: Look around rivers and oceans. They're hard to find.
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How do I trade with the Koa/Why won't they accept my trade?

A: Go face-to-face with them. If they say something in a red color, they don't want the item. If they say something in a white color, right click and they will trade with you. Also, you can see what they have to trade by getting close to them.
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What will Koa trade with?

A: They want valuable stuff like music discs and diamonds. Think of things that are shiny.
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I lost my way and I need to get back to the Overworld. How do I?

A: Below is a list of methods for getting back to the overworld if the intended way does not work, or if you can't find your way back to your portal for some reason.

  • Find a Tropics Portal Enchanter. They can be found in buried treasure chests or by trading with Koa. Once acquired, dig out a 5x5 area, put a ring of Sandstone around it, and put water in the middle, then right click with the enchanter and boom: instant portal!
  • If cheats are enabled than a second option (though not recommended for various reasons) is all you have to do is type "/tropics/. It will instantly teleport you back to the overworld, creating a new portal in both dimensions.
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Where and what are these big trees I've heard about?

A: Have a look in a few rainforests. For the other question... Well, that's for you to find out.
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Where are the Ashen?

A: Who knows? However... They will most likely find you before you find them. I'd stay away from those guys if I was you...
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Any tameable animals?

A: The only creature close to that is a Monkey. However, no, there are no tameable animals included in Tropicraft.
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Major Bugs / Issues

Black Screen / Crash upon entering the tropics / Hanging on Mojang screen

A: This is caused by one of three things; a mis-installation of Tropicraft, an outdated Forge build, or a conflicting mod. Please follow these steps to isolate and fix;

  • Did you install correctly? Re-read the install instructions to make sure or you can alternatively check out a video made by one of the developers, MrRube, here.
  • Make sure you deleted META-INF.
  • Check your Minecraft Forge zip file. The last three numbers are what you're looking for. Tropicraft is currently compatible with Forge build 497. But no other build. Also, make sure you copied the contents from of the zip into the minecraft.jar.
  • Do you have any other mods besides Forge, and Tropicraft currently installed? If yes, try doing a clean install and just install the two mods mentioned. See this page for a list of compatible and incompatible mods.

I tried everything! How do I get the crash log?

A: If you tried all of the above steps and it's still crashing/freezing, try to retrieve the Crash Log and put it into Pastebin. You can do this two ways;

  • 1. Go into your .minecraft folder and look for a file named "ForgeModLoader-#.log"(the number represents the number of times you launched Minecraft). Go into the latest log, and search for any messages that say "THROW" at the bottom of the file. If you find it, go to Pastebin, create a new paste and then copy/paste all of the contents in the .log file into Pastebin, and post the link in the IRC Chat. Use Pastebin, not the chat to paste your log.
  • 2. If you don't see the crash anywhere in the log file, then try to use MCError. See the below question to learn how to use it.

How do I use MCError? Unable to find the Crash Log

A: Go to the link provided above and install the latest .exe version, then read the readme. It's a program that will fetch the error, then put it on Pastebin for you. All you have to do is give us the link.
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Unable to get back to the Overworld

A: It is likely that you have an incompatible Forge Build. Only build 497 is currently compatible with Tropicraft. Try reinstalling (do a Force Update, don't install over the newer Forge) and install using the given build (497).

If you're still unable to get back to the Overworld even while using the recommended Forge build then it is most likely that you are not going all the way down into the portal and waiting for the spinning circles to show up. Wait there for about 5 seconds.
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"Slot ### is already occupied by 'something here'" in the crash log

A: You have another mod trying to access the same Block ID as a Tropicraft block.
There's two ways you can fix this. The first one is to see this video, and the second is to get ID Resolver. Do read either one of these carefully. And also, do remember that some mods may have BlockIDs that could conflict with other mods you have.

  • If you have no other mods installed besides ModLoader and Forge, then you have installed Tropicraft twice by mistake. Make sure you have installed Tropicraft correctly.

Grass is stone and the water is Diamonds

A: You have a mod or two that is changing Tropicraft's BlockID's, or you changed an ID to make a mod compatible with Tropicraft. Try cleaning out your entire .minecraft folder (all folders attached to it) and do a Force Update, then install Tropicraft without others mods (except for Minecraft Forge of course). To make your mod(s) compatible, you need to find all the IDs of Tropicraft then either manually change IDs of that mod, or use the 4096 ID Fix with ID Resolver. See the above question for the link.

Terrain wildly flashing after installing SPC

A: Single Player Commands(SPC) is currently incompatible with Tropicraft, due to this reason. You will have to remove it if you wish to play Tropicraft without seeing this. The devs are working with simo_415 to fix this. There is no known date of fixing.

Note: Some have reported that the flashing can be controlled by not moving/flying around a lot. I personally have seen it do it without even doing anything.
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Minor Bugs

Not seeing Tropicraft's items in the world

A: Make sure that you have installed Tropicraft correctly.

  • Also, if you're using an existing map, you'll have to move outwards to load new chunks. All mods that put items into the world, won't show up on existing chunks. If you know how to use MCEdit, you can delete the chunks around your house/base which will force Minecraft to regenerate the chunks thus Tropicraft's world generation features will be present.
Note: MCEdit doesn't work in the Tropics dimension.
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